Bedroom Interior Designer

Bed Room Interior

Date June 2017
Location Subhash Nagar ,Delhi
Client Mr. Jaspreet Bhatia
Category Residential

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Our Solutions

The primary use of a bedroom is relaxation. Keeping that in mind colors which create calm and soothing atmosphere need to be chosen as the base of the room design. Moreover, colors play an important role in affecting the sleeping pattern of the user. They can also reduce stress and enhance mood. But using light colors can make a room look monotonous and cold. This can be changed by adding a distinct natural or wooden texture to the room. Flooring can enhance the comfort in a room. Wood floorings are the most preferred while designing bedrooms as they give a warmer impression to the room. You can also play with the size and shape of the room by using wallpapers. Use of carpet flooring or rugs can also make a room look more luxurious.