Make Healthier office Work Space environment

Make Healthier office Work Space environment

Make Healthier office Work Space environment

Offices have a hectic work schedule, busy all day doing stuff with no time to relax and mental stress is also high. One question haunts every office productivity manager, how to optimise and resolve such issues that directly impact the work environment. office interior design should be done with very responsible thoughts. What one can do from his own side is discussed below.

So here are few tips that can make workspace healthier and more energetic as well.

1) Invest in a High Quality monitor arm to position your screen correctly in case of stores marts etc. And in case where offices have sitting arrangements then adjust for the correct balance between eyes to monitor ratios.

2) For Best comfort and reduced risk of injury, sit using an ergonomic task chair.

3) To minimise the glare and illuminate work materials as needed, use an adjustable task light.

4) Use a keyboard tray to get your arms at right height, to maintain in right ergonomic working position.

5) Vary your posture between sitting and standing at work, for better heath, create a daily work style that includes both seated and standing posture.

6) Keep moving but save the treadmill for the gym, to stay active, take a short walk during your lunch break.

7) Rest your eyes at regular intervals, to reduce eyes strain, take rest breaks to refocus.

8) Expose to sunlight, improve your mood by working in or walking through which ever is possible areas of direct sunlight.

9) Surround yourself with plants, place a plant in your workspace or occasionally locate yourself near them.

10) View the outdoors while working, improve memory and focus by viewinbg natural settings, images of such, during the work day.

Many things are needed to make modern office interior design energize the work mood of employees. So commercial office interior designers should be proactive from the start itself and keep ambience of the employees cool from start.