A Beginners Guide to Home Interior Design Part 1

Home Interior Design

A Beginners Guide to Home Interior Design - Eminent Enterprise LLP

Hi, If either you are trying to get the ideas for Home Interior Design before asking in the market or hiring an interior designer, and also for the People who are working in the field of interior design and are to just to resharpen their memory then this article is for you.

Okay, so things said, Home Interior Design what is it?

It is a Design process under the category of Residential Interior Design for a Villa, Appartments, Floors etc. Sections that are handled under it might be the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining area, lobby, hall, Balcony, meeting room, studying room, kids room etc.

Now that we know Something about it lets understand what materials do really are required primarily because every project requires resources,

So Let's Start with 2D floor Plans and Requirement Assessments followed by 3D visualization Model (Which is must in 2018).
Now comes the part where materials come into action,

Let's start with Walls,

Either you can go for Stylish Paints & Patterns or these days wallpapers are in trend as well and are much cheaper than paints, another trendy and quality alternative is getting cork walls, as it's a visually compelling choice of material and also blocks all sorts of distracting noises too.

Then comes the base of all beautiful crafts - Wood

Selection of wood, wood can be added to a variety of aesthetics and can be used anyway, Hardwood, Walnut, are good options, to begin with.
Wall textures include Chalkboard Paint, Colour Washing, Dry-Brushing, Crackle Effect, Ragging, Sponging.

Then comes the Floor,

  • Floor Covering include Carpet, Area rugs, Linoleum, Vinyl Flooring, Wood Flooring, Ceramic Tile, Stone, Terrazzo, and various seamless chemical floor coatings.
  • Mixing Metals with Marbles, Tiles created with some gold detailing for ravishing luxury, also it provides freshness in washrooms interiors kitchen interiors and rest of Home areas as well.
  • Mosaic tiles are timeless and elegant looking, they can satisfy every customer’s need.
  • Furniture Should match with the taste of Floors and Walls to give the perfect blend of visualization.

This article covers just standards for giving you a brief idea about things related to Home Interior Design and Home Design Ideas in the second part we will discuss further into furniture and electricals.