The Game of Space Planning

Interior Designing is both a science and an art. It incorporates various elements. But, what is the most important element in interior designing is space planning. Space planning is the core of Interior Designing. It is the allocation and division of space which makes an interior project look like the way it was dreamt of. It involves analyzing how the space is going to be used. Space planning depends on what activities are to be executed in the space. This also determines the moving space. It is essential to leave space for easy circulation. After this, furniture and other required equipment are added to the space plan.

The basic strategy is to first look at the structure of the space. Other elements like doors, windows, and permanent installations are to be considered. Different space sizes suit different needs. Placement of furniture also depends on space size and shape. One has to make sure everything fits in the space, but at the same time, space does not give the idea of being overfilled. The aim should be to make a place cozy and warm and also have a view beyond the interiors.

While space planning a very important aspect is to make sure that the circulation passage is connected with ease to the doors to each activity area throughout. A cluttered room lacks feasibility and also makes the space look smaller. Clutter needs to be fixed to avoid blocking circulation and reducing the perceived size of the room. Different activity areas can be divided in case of a large space to add definition to each area.

While decorating furniture needs to be procured after giving a thought to its proportion to the room size. The requirement of natural light also changes a lot about the design. Placement of windows and doors depends on the amount and kind of light required in the room. While fixing a space plan one must move around elements to get a different viewpoint of the room. One may not realize, but, it is very evident that space planning is a game changer in interior designing.