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Get along make Memories, Grab a Drink and Dance.

In today’s time's ambiance of a place is also a differentiating factor in the mind of the customer. The kind of music you want to play or the kind of alcohol you want to serve has got a lot to do with the furnishings, color scheme, and textures. Whether it is a cocktail lounge, music bar, brewery, night club, pub or a wine bar can change the entire setup as each offers a different vibe altogether.

A good club interior design can do as much a good food can. Competition in this field is tough which can lead to shutting off a club very early leading to loss of investment. Thus an impact has to be created to create an image that visitors return to the club again and again. There are various factors to juggle from while the first being what is your restaurant style. Balanced seating and excellent lighting can help create a welcoming ambiance and a pleasant and memorable experience.

A club can offer multi-level interactive seating areas like terrace seating, air conditioned cabanas, private sitting etc. To align designing of all these areas and placing kitchen and elevators to maintain an undisrupted flow of services can be challenging. Moreover, the furniture, decor, sound system and lighting should be in line with the mood of the club.

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People have to feel relaxed and at ease in a club. An extensive research has to be made in relation to the location, targeted clientele and the mood of the club at the initial level. Themes and aesthetics have to be together clubbed to create a fun space. The main areas of a club are a public area, bar area, dance space, and kitchen. Office area can also be incorporated in the design, but it should take the least space. Other than this a club can also offer a waiting area for customers in wait to relax.

The main seating area is the most important space as it creates the initial impression on the visitors. Moreover, this is where a club makes money, so no corners should be cut while decorating this space. To accommodate various size gathering tables have to be located in a way to facilitate them and give visitors flexibility while taking a spot. Moreover, the space between two booths has to be fixed in a way that visitors don’t feel cramped. Cafe interior design ideas should also align with the same design pattern starting from the serving desk for cafe to the wall design matching with furniture to set a kind of mood that everyone can relate to them self.

The furniture and fixtures have to reflect the concept and match the theme. A variety of chairs, stool, and sofas can be used to create a unique effect and give varying options to the customers. Offering ease of movement and comfort should be the basic motive while choosing furniture in a club. Decor of all areas should be aligned.

Often the kitchen area is not designed effectively. This may lead to crappy service and the creation of a bad impact on the clientele. A particular percentage of total space has to be sidelined for the kitchen, dish washing, trash disposal and inventory storage. A club employs a lot of people, a private space for their needs should also be incorporated. Its is the same concern that is to be foreseen in Coffee shop interior design. Serve the customers with a great coffee and mesmerizing talks

A bar is a counter in a pub, restaurant, or cafe across which drinks or refreshments are served. The bar is a special place of attraction for the public so bar interior design is to be kept such that it Keeps people cling on to it. So is the lounge interior design has to make the environment pleasing and inspiring so add some special flavors to the mood and occasion for which the people gathered.

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