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The thing that makes Dining room the most important space in your house is its outspread area, where the most intimate memories are created. Not only does the aroma of food drive the occupiers of a home to this space, but also the roars of laughter, mischievous glances, and the notorious pranks. The dining room needs to be designed such that it provides a lively and a comfortable experience for the family.

There is a wide range of designs which can be used in this space like floral, elegantly modern, vintage Victorian or multifunctional. Similarly, there can be different needs for the furniture from minimalistic to the huge luxurious setting for a large family. The initial step is to define a theme you want to set for your dining area. All the other things while designing, constructing, and picking up the furniture or accessories will revolve around the basic theme chosen by you. A room with does not align in itself is only confusing to the guests rather than being welcoming.

The dining area has to be located in close proximity to the kitchen. This will create an ease in transporting food or cutlery to set the table from the kitchen to the dining room. It also creates a visual connection between the two areas. There has been a trend to build a kitchen made up of glass walls or to have no walls at all to make it completely visible from the dining area. This creates an open effect and makes space looks spacious. But it is very important to maintain neatness in this case at every moment so that the purpose of creating visual harmony is not defeated.

Another point is to craft a spatial layout. One has to be sure that there is enough elbow room for every dinner and also space for someone to back the chair, walk around or circulate. This also involves smart picking of furniture. One needs to be sure that the dimensions of the room support and match with the dimensions of the dining table and the chairs, so that nothing looks out of place or unnecessary.

Lighting can be an important factor as it can either make or break the ambiance. One has to make a choice between natural or artificial light. The kind of lights used can affect the mood one wants to create. Some lights create a dimmer vibe while some create a warm, intimate and focused vibe. So whether to pick a crystal chandelier, modern adjustable lamps and what color of bulbs needs to be used is all subjective.

Another element is to create enough room for storage. It is always a better option to store china, glassware, other accessories and decorative items in the dining room storage than kitchen cabinets. The storage has to be easily accessible and also should never get in the way or make the place look cramped. So, it is important to have a perfect blend of décor for your dining room so that it can complement your family gatherings.

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