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Enjoy and Have a Memorable stay at Destination Hotel

The hotel industry is an example of opulence and splendidness. Hotels today offer a lot of facilities. From accommodation and multiple dining and additionally conference rooms, banquet, recreational areas like pool, nature walks, library, yoga, sports to bars. Whether it is a boutique hotel, a resort or a bed and breakfast, each has different parameters for designing.

Hotel interior design involves a large scale work, thus it requires involving various specialists. The first aspect is to decide the list of activities that will be conducted in a hotel. Moreover, operating a hotel is not an easy business. Its success depends on not only the customer satisfaction it offers but also the look and feel of the hotel which leaves an everlasting impression on the visitor.

While designing a chain hotel the designing work gets comparatively simpler as the brand has certain standards and prototype designs which will have to be adapted. On the other hand designing a brand new hotel will require work from the scratch and a feasible design and optimum execution to achieve short term and long term goals of the owners will have to be undertaken.

The scale of the hotel operations and the kind of customers a hotel wants to attract also impact the designing needs of a hotel. The space of the area has to be divided among the well-defined areas. Preliminary construction and development of a budget are the initial steps in designing a hotel. The overall design should be able to reflect the look and feel of the property.

Hotel Room Interior Design Yoga Area
Library and Sports Complex Interior Design

The most important part of the designing involves designing the suites and guestrooms as the major space is accounted for them and the large measure of stay experience is in them. The design should be crafted to give unique visual identity to the hotel. Hotel rooms have to be placed in a way such that each offers spectacular views. Hotel room interior Should also match to hotel charisma

Next step is to work with the public areas like lobby, front office, restaurants, outlets, and space for a formal and informal meeting. Such spaces have to provide a welcoming and transitory feel. Other factors like access to elevators, administrative office space, restrooms and lobby seating area to be considered. Special attention fo public areas like library and sports complex, yoga area should not be given less priority as various age groups find it rather much soothing than other areas. Every detail to feature is to be exceptionally and carefully crafted in library interior design, sports complex design as well as yoga area interior design following from interiors to equipments and shelves to the alignment and approchabilities which will match with the hotels other spaces yet having their distintive looks.

Kitchen and dining areas are to be located to make workflow easier. Designing restaurants and bars in a way that they can create intimate spaces should not be overlooked. The latest trend is to partner with famous signature restaurants and chefs to open a space offering a unique dining experience to both hotel guests and local customers. Such dining venues should have direct access to the exterior of the hotel to maximize the street presence and create restaurant’s stand as a local eatery also.

While buying the furniture durability and quality of furniture has to be kept in mind. Procuring furniture involves a huge and a long term investment. The level of time and upkeep the owner wishes to spend on the furniture also is an important factor while deciding the furniture of the hotel. The climate of the area in which a hotel is situated will also make a difference while selecting the kind of furniture.

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