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Living Room share Thousand Stories.

Also referred as a sitting room or front room, a living room is a private area in the home where leisure gatherings take place. It is the most lived room in the house and a lot of inspiration may be required to style it. They need to be harmonious, elegant and should fit in with the taste and personality of people using it. Balance and harmony are key at all times when designing a living room.

While styling a living room interior the basic question is what you want this space to offer. You can create a place for social gatherings, a place to watch television together in the evenings combine it with dining space add some book shelves or a mini bar. It can be a multi-functional and multi-leveled space. Colors, furniture, and d├ęcor are arranged to keep those functions in mind.

Small living room interior design
Modern living room interior design

Clever styling can help create a relaxing atmosphere. You can choose from a variety of modern and minimalist designs to give your home an edge over others. A detailed thought to the colors, space, natural lighting and accessories have to be given to creating a theme or needed effort. Being the front room of the house, it creates the very first impression of the inhabitants.

If you are styling a large space a consistent effect has to be made by balancing the use of space. In the case of a small living room interior design with various elements like natural lighting, specific colors or right furniture can create an effect of a larger space. Similarly, bold colors can make large space look right sized. A range of wall textures, wall hangings and paintings can give a very distinct and elegant feel to the room.

There are various flooring options available for modern living room ranging from tiles, stone, wood or modern Italian flooring. One may choose to carpet the floor to give the space a warm and comfort oriented look. Choice of flooring has to do a lot with the time and amount of money one is willing to spend on its maintenance in future.

While decorating the living room a wide range of modern and flexible furniture can be browsed. One should not go overboard and leave no space to move around freely. Moreover, the seating pattern should be able to facilitate communication between guests and accommodate the kind of gatherings one wants to host. Flowers and indoor plants can add to the freshness of the space and make it look organic.

Moreover, the use of accessories can change the way a living room looks entirely. Installation of heavy chandeliers can make space look lush and grand. While the use of modern lighting options can give it a very minimalistic and chic feel. Use of brick based traditional fireplace and antique accessories can give it a country feel. Use of dividers can be made to create sections in a huge living room.

Large windows, decorative curtains can make a room look spacious and also give it a fresh look. Right design will never end a room looking chaotic or cluttered. Mute tones and colors can also make a living room interior look simpler yet classy and elegant. The focus is to create a space which helps in bringing the people using it closer and creating warm memories. A living room should reflect the openness and warmth of the owner.

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