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Coffee and Food Served Hot and Good

The office pantry can be thought as a facility to store and dispense beverages and snacks, to heat up and serve the food items for consumption, to dispose waste and would have well equipped with the appliances and seating area. It is not wrong to say that the office is the second home of an employee, by considering the amount of time one spends in office. So it becomes very important to have your workplace with a well-equipped pantry. Hunger is something which cannot be ignored and should not be ignored as well. Your employee would be more productive if he is at its best physical comfort zone. Nobody can work efficiently on an empty stomach. Hence it becomes an essential aspect for any company or workplace has a pantry with certain equipments to provide your employee the best convenience.

A pantry does more than just to store your food and supplies. This is the place where your workers can have at least one meal a day. So, being the company owner, you ought to make it well equipped and comfortable for eating. So it should not be under pantry interior design symbolizes about relationship between company and employees.

Having just a separate room for the pantry in an office is not sufficient. A pantry should be equipped with some essential elements that groom out the beauty and productivity of that pantry. There must proper provision for the cooking, for refrigeration and also for the proper disposal of the left over from the hygiene point of view. Adding appliances to enhance its comfort and keeping it clean to have hygienic atmosphere boost up your workplace facilities.

Pantry Interior Design in Delhi/NCR
Free standing Pantry Cabin Ideas

It is seen that the majority of the employees prefer to carry their lunch box from the home instead of hogging on outside for food. But by the time of lunch hours, the food does not remain fresh, hot and thus it is not pleasing to eat. At this point, a microwave oven is the best solution to avoid this problem. One can easily heat his food within a few minutes and can have fresh lunch. Another essential member or appliance of a well-equipped pantry is undoubtedly a coffee machine. Coffee works as a fuel for most of the employees. Your employees may always stay refreshed at the times you provide coffee or tea vending machines. Also make it sure that pantry must have water dispensers, dust bins, cleansers, dish liquids, and towels. Kitchen facilities like the sink, cupboards, proper draining system, and countertops should be there. Comfortable seating is also an unavoidable aspect of the designed pantry.

Office pantries can also be designed and colored, following a theme. A well-designed ambiance is one of the important factors that could enhance your staff’s appetite and help their relaxation. This is the place of social interaction and leisure hence it should retain some warmth and comfort. There are amazing freestanding pantry cabinet ideas available which can certainly make you rethink again.

It is, in reality, the most ignored areas in the workplace, but it is actually the most prominent figure in the office, which boosts the productivity and satisfaction level of your employee.

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