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Make that First Impression with Warm Reception

Within the few moments of entering into your office, visitors or customers make up their minds about you and your workplace. The reception area is something that is related to service delivery system where your employee is to engage with your customers. It is that particular area in the office or workplace where a visitor arrives and puts his query. Thereafter he is left to put in contact with the relevant person at that firm by the receptionist. So starting from Reception Desk Design till Reception area interior concept should be planned and well crafted to get a first impression in right way.

It is truly said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The office reception area is that place which can actually be thought of as your first impression and hence it is the most important part of the office. Wheather big or small office reception interior Design should be in such a way which allows you to give your visitor a positive feeling on welcome and warm impression as they enter your place for the first time. Designing of reception area by interior concepts should be practiced to make a good impression on visitors. Perfect welcome of your client with a sweet smile and by providing them the most comfortable ambiance at their welcome makes your deal half done with your potential client.

Reception Area Interior Concept reception desk Design
Small office Reception Interior Design services

Reception desk should be impressive, vibrant, incorporating the company’s logo, a decorative panel with grass and flowers creating a beautiful aura. Plants always make the place more vibrant and bright and make people happier. Selection of furniture is another important aspect to deal with. Customer’s convenience and comfort must be kept at the top most priority for any company and your services are very first started from your reception area only. Warm colors and plush, vibrant textures and soothing ambiance are sure to make the area appear more homelike. This makes your potential client feel less like intruders and more at ease. Home decors like lamps, aquariums, and pillows add on to its beauty. In addition, this area must be secure and safe also.

This area is also a place where you can show your culture. Each company/ office or any workplace has its own unique identity and culture. And bringing that culture in your reception area will help to make a long lasting impression on your guest. It is to be designed in such a way that it reflects your company’s personality and identity. Also, schemes of colors should match your brand to make your potential client feel like they are already in the persona of your company.

Sometimes the reception area works as a place of waiting. You can make any wait much more enjoyable by incorporating few sources of entertainment at the reception area. This area should have a TV to watch, a collection of magazines should be there. Placing TV can also be helpful to display information to suit your business to keep your guests well-informed. Provision of electrical sockets to charge their phones, or laptops should be there to make them feel at home. Last but not the least, appropriate lighting of reception area also an essential element to design. Soft light always brings a sense of calm and pacify the ambience. These are few of many office reception area design idea that can propel and assure positive impact on your clients

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