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Living Room residential interior designers in delhi

Living Room

The living room is the space where leisure gatherings take place. They need to be harmonious, elegant and should fit in with the taste and personality of people using it. While styling a living room the basic question is what you want this space to offer. Colors, furniture, and decor are arranged to keep those functions in mind. The Use of clever styling in home interiors can help create a relaxing atmosphere. Balance and harmony are key at all times when designing a living room design.

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Bed Room home interior design


The bedroom is the perfect space for relaxation and rejuvenation. Various aspects like right color, furnishings, textures, flooring, and furniture to create a tranquil space have to be considered in home decor. Being the most private section of the home it should be designed with a personal touch. Storage is a primary concern and right wardrobe and cupboards need to be integrated into the design. Accessories and lighting can add perfect finesse to bedroom designs.

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Dining Room Interior Design Company in Delhi/NCR

Dining Room

What makes this the most important space in your house is that this is where the most intimate memories are created. Not only does the aroma of food drive the occupiers of a home in this space, but also the roars of laughter, mischievous glances, and the notorious pranks. The dining room design should provide lively and comfortable experience for the family. It is important to have a perfect blend of d├ęcor for your dining room so that it can complement your family gatherings. Our residential interior design ideas revolve around those foundations.

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Modular Kitchen Residential Interior Designers in Delhi

Modular Kitchen

The kitchen is the focal point of a home. Designing a kitchen or remodeling it needs putting in a lot of thought. Budget, flooring and kitchen cabinets are a few factors to be considered. If the space for the kitchen is small then the right color can make it look spacious Fitting in all kitchen items and appliances inside the cabinets can make a kitchen look advanced. Kitchen space should offer enough space for you to complete your normal routine.

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Modular Wardrobe home decor and room design

Modular Wardrobe

Modular wardrobe offers multiple functions and smart storage. Their spacing and design can help make a room look quirky and offbeat. Modular wardrobes offer the option of swing and sliding doors considering the available space. Use of mirrored doors can give a warm and cozy look and also make a room appear larger than they are. Partitions and sections in the wardrobes are also to be considered keeping in mind the storage needs.

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Modular Bathroom interior designers in delhi

Modular Bathroom

Designing a bathroom involves paying great attention to style and consistency. Every feature from the bath, sink, and cabinets to the tiny bathroom accessories need to coordinate. The greatest concern while designing the bathroom is the use of the right material for flooring, etc. Right colors can make a bathroom feel less cramped and congested.

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Home Automation house interior design

Home Automation

Home automation involves the automation of lighting, entertainment unit, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and security. It transforms a home into a smart home. It reduces energy consumption, manages home security and can also provide seamless entertainment options. It provides a scale of options that fit every lifestyle and budget. Our best residential interior designers work to make sure to select the best options for your unique applications and required automation.

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Home Theature

Home Theater Design

A home theatre is a perfect space for recreation and an ultimate resort for all the movie buffs. Using and placing right equipment is of utmost importance to create a perfect home cinema. Additionally, it is very important to choose the right furniture which provides comfort and warmth for long hours of entertainment. We as a interior Design Company make sure pixel perfect placing of lights and furniture such that viewers have an undisturbed experience while watching a movie.

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