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Designing a school involves trendy and durable designing which beautifully combine with interior structures so as to provide a flawless finish. Construction of a school has to be provided as per the specifications laid down by the clients. Designing is done keeping flexibility, comfort, and aesthetics in mind. A school is a large infrastructure which involves the construction of large blocks and buildings. The arrangement of such blocks has to be done keeping their functions and use.

While designing a school a long-term vision has to be kept in mind. Repairing or renovating a building takes a huge amount of money and time. The building should be located in a way that natural light and ventilation can be maximized. The school offers a multidimensional learning area, so the school design should be such as to accommodate all of it. So we can say that School Interior Designer functions involves designing various small units and bringing them together to create a large infrastructure.

The school provides education to different age groups. While a play school interior design should accompany separate colorful and interactive space to be created for younger children. Keeping theme in mind it should be populated with characters from their shows they watch and also some motivational things that inspire the young minds as well. Infrastructure for various science labs and computer labs has to be provided for. Proper seating plan, work area, power outlets, teaching board and storage area have to be incorporated into a lab design. Schools cater to children, hence the safety and security of the students should be of utmost importance.

Play School Interior Designer
School Auditorium Interior Designer

The basic aim should be to focus on the classrooms and then revolving the entire layout around the basic building. Different blocks for classes of different ages should be constructed to provide ease to the staff and saving time in reaching their teaching area. Classrooms should be well equipped with furniture which is comfortable, cupboards, audio visual equipment, etc.. Different flooring levels for student and teacher area can be incorporated into the design.

Schools not only provide education, but also provide all-round development to the students. A play area, auditorium, library, sports facilitating area, gym have to be placed and provided for in the school design layout. Library designs need to be aligned with the demands of the interiors. The layout of seating, shelves, and the paper stands needs to be done as to provide a completely engaging experience. Further, the end solutions are made available to provide durable usage. Storage space near the sports facilitating area to store sports equipment should be made.

Every school employs admin staff for various other functions. A different wing for administrative staff should be made so that their work is not disrupted from the regular school functioning. Easily accessible and well-equipped mess, canteen, rest rooms, staff rooms and meeting areas have to be incorporated. A school should be designed in such a way that people commuting to school do not face jams and roadblocks in front of the school campus.

In school major functions and events happen frequently most of them happen in auditorium so the auditorium is of huge importance in school most of the gatherings take place there It should give a feel of Something great, inspiring and pleasing to the school people. So auditorium interior design should be kept in mind with great focus on demonstrating school theme. Auditorium design should also have to focus on lightining, sound quality to be much effective, a major importance to situations of emergency, proper exit routes, guides should be layed off from beginning of plan.

Environmental consciousness has increased these days. Sustainability of the school premises along with its impact on the environment has to be looked into.

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